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              Sculptures (26)

              Burkina Bronze Yoga Dancer Pose Sculpture

              $125.00 USD

              Burkina Bronze Yoga Lotus Pose Sculpture

              $125.00 USD

              Recycled Metal Ostrich Planters (Set of 2)

              $175.00 USD

              Yoga Tree Pose Sculpture

              $125.00 USD

              Kenyan Recycled Metal Nomad Statue

              $2,400.00 USD

              Recycled Metal Ostrich Planters

              $75.00 USD

              Kenyan Hand Carved Elephant Bust

              $60.00 USD

              Desert Nomad Soapstone Candle Holder

              $16.00 USD

              Kenyan Recycled Oil Drum Lion Statues

              $1,400.00 USD

              Purple Line Art Elephant

              $25.00 USD

              Orange Line Art Elephant

              $25.00 USD

              Yellow Line Art Soapstone Elephant

              $25.00 USD
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